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Dec 19, 2016

Welcome!  Did I mention that I love what I do?  (You probably read that on the first page.  ) I collaborate with clients all over the world from my broadcast quality studio, voicing national and international commercial campaigns for companies like Bissell, Kraft/Capri Sun and Visit Orlando, narrating documentaries & web/explainer videos along with shows on both Slice Network in Canada and HGTV in the US.  I’ve even played the role of a fairy queen in a children’s cartoon (and wow, was that fun!). 

My journey to voice overs actually started with a love of computers.  I used to sell computers when the 386-SX was new (remember those days?).  That graduated to a love of the Internet and all that it could do (quite a lot!).  I spent a number of years as an SEO specialist and media buyer for local companies, and along the way, incorporated my love of music and the Internet together when I created a songwriting resource website called The Muse’s Muse back in 1995.  That was my testing ground for a LOT of Internet marketing methods.

But back then, there was more than one search engine that mattered.  The minute that changed … well.  I knew I needed a change.

I’ve been a singer all my life (I even have a jazz/blues album out, if you’d like to hear some samples) and have always been comfortable behind a microphone. It naturally made for a fascination with what else I could do with my voice.  I researched, I got coaching (I still get coaching on a regular basis – there’s always more to learn!), I made a demo (more than one!), and I switched my entrepreneurial focus.   That was quite a few years ago now and I haven’t looked back.

But what few people know? I’m a geeky fangirl at heart.    I’ve been a member of a filk group called Urban Tapestry since 1994 and we’ve traveled all over the US, Canada & Europe performing our geeky fangirl songs for the folks that appreciate it.   Ask me about Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, or tabletop gaming and you’ll be in for a lengthy conversation (if you want one, that is).

Feel free to listen to my demos to see if you think I’d be right for your project.  I’d love to work with you. 

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Dec 5, 2016
John Florian
Founder and Webmaster
If you've ever written a "personal mission" for yourself, you'll understand when John says that his mission is to "Help people succeed in life and business through creative ways of communications."
Indeed, that activates his two passions: voice-overs and publishing.
As a voice over actor, John is called back by producers who want that "warm and friendly guy" (but don't typecast yourself! warn the coaches).
And as a former editorial director/writer/marketer, John has created many business and consumer magazines and newsletters.
Now these two communication fields merge with his creation of VoiceOverXtra - the voice-over industry's online news, education and resource center.
John is also active in civic and self-improvement organizations, where he finds that "giving back" and networking continue to inspire.
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Nov 21, 2016


Holly Franklin is a spunki-licious voiceover star who lost count how many times people have asked her, “is that your real voice?” ages ago.

She specializes in kid, teen and character voices and is best known for her work on My Little Pony, Barney, Owlegories & BOZ the Bear series. She also appears on-camera and in commercial print work.

Whether it was cheerleading, theater or acting out Oscar winning performances for the neighbors while mowing the lawn – all the world has been a stage for this born & raised Texan. Holly went on to attend Texas A&M University where she met her nerdy Civil Engineering husband. After her brief stint as a high school health teacher, she got tired of getting asked for her hall pass. So, she turned in her grade book for a microphone, honed her raw talent by training with the best in the biz, and the rest is Hollypoppin’ history. She has 3 freaking amazing kids who tolerate her quirky parenting style, and even stranger voice.

Holly has a soft spot for preschoolers and rodents, both of which she can imitate perfectly (not including the feet stomping and garden wrecking that you get with the real things). Ask any one of her many happy clients and they’ll tell you - she’s a funny, smart, speedy, flexible pro with an unbeatable squeak and a true claim to the “one-take wonder” fame. She can make your copy pop from her broadcast quality home studio or come to you…without the micromanaging mommy and with a voice that is guaranteed to bring your script to youthful life and make you look darn good.

Find your favorite Hollypop! flavor and experience what real sweet tooth satisfaction tastes like right now!

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Nov 7, 2016

Erik Sheppard – “Today’s Voice” has over 12 years of professional experience, voicing thousands of high profile projects across the globe ranging from corporate presentations to national radio and television campaigns. He is consistently the preferred male voice for many of the most widely recognized corporate, commercial and promotional production companies worldwide. Clients include Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Citibank, HSBC, American Express, Ebay, MTV and TV Land.
When not in the booth, Erik is an industry blogger, host of “The Erik and Ember Show”, and organizer of the Voiceover Mixer series of networking events. He is the owner and head talent agent of Voice Talent Productions, a New York based agency representing an elite roster of voice talent from around the world. His career and related projects have been profiled in such places as Voice-Over Xtra, Voices,, The Voice Over Insider and countless other blogs and podcasts. If it is happening in the voice over industry, chances are Erik is involved.
Erik coaches exclusively through the prestigious Edge Studio headquartered in Manhattan, NY.

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Oct 24, 2016

Jay Preston VO.  You've come here in need of a Voice Over for your project. Be it E-Learning, How-To Videos, Commerical Voice Over for Radio or TV and one thing is clear. There is a certain sound and quality you are looking for, and chances are, I can deliver it. From Warm and Natural, to Edgy and Sarcastic,  I'm sure I can make your message ring Honest & True. As an added bonus, we are going to have a great time working together. 

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Oct 10, 2016

America’s premiere female live voice announcer Randy Thomas made history as the first woman to announce The Academy Awards©, The Emmy Awards©, The SAG Awards©, The AFI Awards©, to name a few. As the seven-time announcer of The Oscars©, and fourteen-time Tony© announcer, Thomas has been winning accolades and opening doors for female voice artists for over 20 years. For the past nine years she’s been heard daily by millions of people as the iconic voice of CBS Television Distribution’s “Entertainment Tonight©,” one of the most watched entertainment programs in the world.

In addition to voice over, with more than 20 years of experience as a radio personality in New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, and Miami, Thomas has gone on to achieve her dreams as one of the most recognizable voice-over artists in the world as well as co-author of “VOICE FOR HIRE: Launch and Maintain a Lucrative Career in Voice-Overs” (Watson-Guptill Publications, a division of Random House Inc.).

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Sep 26, 2016

Nydia Monarrez was born and raised in Monterrey, N.L. Mexico. She has a degree in Communications and Public Relations. She studied Acting for 2 years using Eric Morris Method, the most organic and complete method in the Industry. Nydia is Bilingual (English/Spanish) and also has a background in, Training, Financial Services and Corporate Business.

Nydia is currently a Full time, Professional Spanish Voice Over Talent, Actress, Host and Life Style Model. She is also a Yoga lover, Audio Books Fan and Happy Foodie! She lives in Chicago, Ill. USA. with her husband and 2 kids.

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Sep 12, 2016

Cristina Milizia is a professional, full time voice over talent in Los Angeles, California.  Her voice is youthful, sweet & upbeat! Conversational, millennial, approachable, fun, and hip are also accurate adjectives.

Cristina's wealth of experience allows her to perform voice over fluidly in commercial, narration, IVR & telephony, e-learning, on hold messaging, Spanish, video games, mobile game apps, toys, & audiobooks. She works full time as a talent & as a voice over coach, and can turn around any new project within 24-48 hours. Her professional home studio set up will give you the top notch sound quality you need, while saving your money on outside studio costs. Additional services for professional sound design, editing, music production & translation services available upon request.

Aug 29, 2016

Hi, I'm Mike Lenz.  

I'm a professional voice actor, the author of Paid To Talk - A Journey Into Voice Acting, and the host of a popular podcast, Mike Lenz Voice - A Journey Into Voice Acting.  I’m so excited you're here because that means you have an interest in the voice over industry. 

Maybe you’re just beginning and don’t have a clue where to start. 

That’s OK, because that's exactly where I was 9 years ago.  In fact 10 years ago my life looked a lot different than it does today.

10 years ago I was running my small brick and mortar business and serving as Mayor of my hometown.  I'd been involved in politics for about 10 years and really thought that politics was my future.  I’ve always been a creative person and I enjoyed the communicating part of serving as Mayor - speaking to groups, and doing radio and television interviews. 

But honestly, the pressure was draining every creative bone in my body. 

Fortunately for me, I lost my re-election bid, and although I was disappointed at the time, that event forever changed the course of my life and led me down the path to the world of professional voice acting where I am today - and I’m loving every minute of it!

After leaving politics, I had a lot of free time to explore other passions.  One of those passions - screenwriting - led me to a filmmakers group, and at one of our meetings, a marketing representative from a voice training company came and passed out flyers.  I decided to check out the company and as soon as I took my first lesson I was hooked.  

Getting trained was a lot of fun and it was an exciting day when my demo CD’s arrived in the mail.  But that excitement was quickly tempered by the fact that I was now faced with the prospect of trying to go out into the world and get a voice-over job…and I didn’t have a clue where to start.  

Well, I can tell you that having spent a good chunk of change on my training and wanting desperately to get my first paying voice-over gig, I spent countless hours scouring the internet and doing research on the industry, cold-calling radio stations and production studios, and handing my business cards and demo CD's to everyone.  Slowly but surely, the work started to come my way and I’m thrilled to now be able to record audio books, voice e-learning projects and explainer videos, work with clients, and interview amazing and inspiring people on my podcast, all from the comfort of my home recording studio. 

I’ve been able to create a life that I love, and I want you to know that my weekly podcast, along with my website, blog, e-book, and on-line course are all designed to help you to achieve your dream. 

So please take advantage of these resources, and learn from the amazing and inspiring people I’ve had the privilege to talk with and learn from.  They’ve helped me so much in my journey and I know they’ll help you as well.

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Aug 15, 2016

It’s a balmy morning in Burbank, California, the sort-of/almost entertainment mecca of the world. The curtains are blowing softly in the breeze, and there is a low-hanging layer of smog sitting over the Los Angeles horizon. An army of absurdly large crows argues about breakfast and futures trading. Nearby, on the pack patio of a house in the hills, a three-year old girl is ostensibly doing Zumba, critiquing her mother’s merengue.

Joe Zieja is, as usual, in a small room talking to himself. No, he’s not crazy; he’s a voice actor, part of the hidden pocket of showbiz. He spends hours a day reading scripts in his home studio, or traveling to local studios to do the same. Switching from commercial to promo to video game to public service announcement about the dangers of q-tips, Joe enters and exits the personalities of dozens of people hourly, but somehow maintains a two-fingered, tenuous grip on reality.

When he’s not standing in a small room talking to himself, he’s sitting in a slightly larger room or coffee shop telling lies. Or truths. It depends on what you think about the art of writing and storytelling. His first science fiction novel Mechanical Failure has just released, and he’s working on the third book in the trilogy as his editor dutifully combs through book two.

He does all this sitting in a room with no less than twelve musical instruments, all of which he uses in his various commercial and video game compositions. There is also a lightsaber.

Where did all of this raw, creative impulsiveness come from? According to Joe, it mostly stems from his allergy to office life, though it’s hard to tell from his enigmatic comment on the matter.

“I would rather choke on fragments of hot mufflers than spend any more time working for bureaucratic organizations behind a desk,” Joe says as he totally destroys that one level in Mega Man II, which is a super hard game.

You see, Joe wasn’t always an annoying Hollywood art-o-crat. Joe came from humble beginnings in New Jersey, the elder of two boys raised by a loving fireman/businesswoman duo. It all happened in a sleepy suburban town surrounded by dairy farms and bluegrass festivals. The scarcity of activity wasn’t all bad, however; the bowling alley in the center of the town being the only thing to do made for a lifetime high score of 255, which is pretty impressive.

But Joe wasn’t destined to stay in suburbia forever. At the age of 13, he declared to his parents that he would be attending the United States Air Force Academy. Nobody in the family had any idea why, including Joe, but he still did it anyway. In 2003, he left New Jersey to begin what he thought would be a long career in the air force. The first hauntings of what would become a career in using his voice manifested as he, almost randomly, became the official cadet emcee. Other than that tiny whisper, he mostly acted like he had a rod surgically installed in a place where one would not typically have a rod. Thankfully, in a large part due to the wonderful woman he married, it didn’t last.

Only after a few years’ exposure to the machinations of the US government did Joe really begin to understand that, although it had its moments, the military life wasn’t quite for him. Despite that, he stuck around until 2012, after which - in a stroke of brilliance designed to free himself from government bureaucracy - he became a contractor for three government organizations. Working together. At the same time.

“To get a sense of what that’s like,” Joe said, “try telling a group of toddlers that they have to decide amongst themselves who gets a small container of ice cream. Then give them all espresso. And cocaine.”

That life, however, is behind him. Although Joe always thought it would be his books that took him out of government service, it ended up being voice acting. Becoming a voiceover artist was never something he thought about until someone paid him for it, after which he earnestly began seeking other people who would pay him for it. Now he seeks people who will pay him for it on a daily basis, and so far it’s worked out quite well for him.

We asked him what he missed most about his Jersey boy roots, and Joe’s answer was quick and to the point.

“Pizza,” he said. “And bagels. And people who get the f*** out of the left lane when they’re going slower than the person to their right.”

Now a Los Angeles immigrant, Joe focuses on his creative exploits with reckless abandon. He’s of the opinion that the world is full of limitless opportunities and limitless excuses not to do them. An avid practitioner of parkour - which is really the art of constantly being on the verge of injury - Joe’s personal preference for exercise mostly involves jumping on/over/around things and doing flips. He also flies planes and scuba dives, because why the hell not?

Despite being quite comfortable in his current pace of work in both voice acting and writing, Joe’s not satisfied with the status quo. He’s already played Nintendo icon Fox McCloud in STAR FOX ZERO: THE BATTLE BEGINS, but there’s more on his bucket list. He’d like to play the voice of Link, from THE LEGEND OF ZELDA, Mario, and a main character from a Shin Megami Tensei game, all of whom have absolutely no dialog. He’d also like to write bigger books with more words that have more syllables.

Only the future will tell what’s in store for Joe Zieja. For now, we must bid farewell to this strange creature, and hope he stays mostly contained in his 3’x5’ box.

“Seriously,” Joe said by way of goodbye, “you’re driving a Prius. Get out of the left lane.”


Aug 1, 2016

A seasoned pro African-American voice-over specialist with over a decade of experience, providing the 3-dimensional sound that promotes companies, services, and entrepreneurs around the globe.

Mara has a naturally intuitive vocal ability that brings words to life with color and direct relatability. Her voice resonates with a warm, smooth, sensual or corporate tone for sophisticated projects, and a bright, vibrant, and upbeat delivery for standard narration.

Affiliations include SAG-AFTRA union with accreditation from the World-Voices Organization and the Society of Accredited Voice-Over Artists (SaVoa).

Mara's work has been featured by popular global brands including AT&T, Microsoft, Nintendo®, McDonald's®, Oreck, Public Storage,®, Sygic mobile GPS, International Game Technology (IGT) and Walt Disney Company's® T180 Studios.

Mara currently divides her time voicing projects from recording studios in the Gulf, East & West coasts, in the Greater New Orleans, New York, and San Francisco Bay areas.

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Jul 18, 2016

Steve French is a NYC based voice actor who's voice has been heard on national television commercials, and most recently as the announcer for Match Game hosted by Alec Baldwin on ABC.

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Jul 4, 2016

If you have been anywhere near a television screen at the Walt Disney World resort in Orlando, Florida since 2005 then you have been captivated by a vivacious and adorable woman telling you about the fabulous rides and attractions you're going to experience during your stay. The hyper-energetic, totally mesmerizing personality, known to her fans as “the human exclamation point” is Stacey J. Aswad. She is the Resort TV host of Walt Disney World's TOP 7 MUST SEES and MUST DO DISNEY TV shows that loop 24/7 and are watched and memorized by millions of people!

How It All Started

Stacey’s humble beginnings are in Binghamton, New York where she started competitive artistic roller skating at the age of five and went on to become a five-time national champion in the sport. Stacey began studying ballet to help with her roller skating training, which turned into her joining a professional ballet company while still in high school. She went on to earn a BFA in Dance from The Juilliard School in New York City and after graduation, she danced and choreographed professionally in New York and around the country. Seeking new and different challenges, and to see the range of artistic opportunities in other parts of the country, Stacey left New York and headed to the Midwest.

Stacey continued her professional performing career in ballet, modern and jazz throughout the Midwest and also joined the faculty at The Youth Performing Arts School in Louisville, Kentucky, teaching dance to middle and high school students. During this time, she developed an interest in acting and had a natural talent for it. After booking many regional commercials, industrials and voiceovers, she relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina. There she scored some national commercials and voiceovers and the series regular role of Andi Ramsey, on the television series, 7TH STREET THEATER, now airing on multiple cable networks worldwide. 


Walt Disney World Meets LaLa Land

In May 2005, after an intense audition process, Stacey booked the hosting gig for Walt Disney World’s, TOP 7 MUST SEES, television show and that exposure was the turning point in her career. When Hollywood composer agent, Richard Kraft and his friends saw Stacey’s show while on vacation at Walt Disney World, he tracked her down through her talent agent to ask her  to be the host of his documentary, FINDING KRAFTLAND. She flew out to Los Angeles in September 2005 and spent a whirlwind five days shooting and becoming friends with the fabulous filmmakers.

This fortuitous trip to Los Angeles confirmed to Stacey what she already knew in her heart she needed to do.  She needed to make Los Angeles her new home.

Juilliard Dancer Joins the Theatre Scene

Upon returning to North Carolina, Stacey had the opportunity to do something for the first time in her life.  She had spent countless hours on stage in pointe shoes and tutus but she had never done any theatre. To critical and audience acclaim, she played nine different hilarious roles in the regional premiere of the new comedy, CARRIE ANN’S KISS and immediately went on to shine as the lead in the popular Alan Ball play, FIVE WOMEN WEARING THE SAME DRESS. During all this stage work, Stacey shot the lead role in the feature length love story, ME & YOU, US FOREVER. After completing the film, she returned to Los Angeles for the extravagant premiere of FINDING KRAFTLAND at Paramount Studios.

Road Trip

Desiring new challenges and forever accompanied by the love and support of her family and circle of friends, Stacey rented an RV and set out with her super fun roller skating dance partner for points West.  The rig was filled to the brim with the necessities, like all of her kitchen gadgets and cookware, because she is an amazing chef and baker and her impressive shoe collection, of course.  The four-some was complete with Stacey's two beloved resuced cats, Rosebud and Lily who had a blast finding places in the RV to nap and play. With a lot of great conversation and rockin' tunes, they made it to LA, safe and sound, in just under fifty hours!

TV Host - Voice Actor - Spokesperson - Actress

Since moving to Los Angeles, in 2007, Stacey has been on a whirlwind ride as a host, voice actor, spokesperson and actress securing representation with powerhouse talent agencies, Commerical Talent and AVO Talent.  She has done on-camera commercials and voice over work for clients like McDonald’s, AT&T, Toyota, Clairol, Time Warner Cable, Alamo, Regions Bank, Safeco Insurance, Acura, Carl's Jr., Bud Light and more. Voice acting for the Adventures in Odyssey show and television roles for ABC and CW shows. She also starred in a TannLyne Productions world premiere play, TRACKS, after having only a few days to learn the entire play before opening night. Thank goodness Stacey is great at memorizing lines!

Stacey also spent many fun-filled weekends traveling to films festivals around the country with the FINDING KRAFTLAND film makers. This award-winning documentary has screened in more than 70 festivals worldwide to rave reviews and even better, created life-long friendships between Stacey, Adam and the Kraft Boys.

Roller Girl Meets the Basketball Court

Stacey got to wear her roller skates once again but in a more "sporty" venue, the Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles.  She spent two seasons as the live-game host for the WNBA’s Los Angeles Sparks basketball team. She had a blast warming up the crowd, and during the timeouts and half-time breaks she played on-court games, gave away awesome prizes and nterviewed players. Stacey and Sparky,  the team mascot, helped make the games even more fun and exciting by going into the stands and interacting with the fans. Go Sparks!


More Mickey Mouse Please

In early 2009, Stacey got the call asking her to stay on to host the new Resort TV campaign for Walt Disney World called, MUST DO DISNEY… she accepted without hesitation! She flew to Orlando to shoot the new show at Walt Disney World and as expected had the best time running around the Parks. When necessary, she updates the show from a Los Angeles recording studio or in Orlando depending on what new things they need her to talk about or experience. It's a tough job, but Stacey is so happy and so grateful to still be the Disney Girl!

VO Buzz Weekly Voice Over Web Show Premieres

On January 8, 2012, Stacey added Producer to her hosting talents when she and renowned voice over demo producer and director, Chuck Duran premiered the voice over show VO BUZZ WEEKLY. In a very short time it has become a global web sensation that's inspiring, educating and entertaining viewers in over 89 countries around the world. Aspiring voice actors, established VO pros and curious fans alike can finally put a "face to the voice" of the mega-talented voice actors from cartoons, animated films, movie trailers, video games, TV promos and commercials, to getting the inside scoop from the best voice over agents, directors and others, in a way that has never been done before. Every week, hosts Chuck and Stacey give great tips and information and get up close and personal with their special guest as they share fun and poignant personal stories, insights on how they became so successful, reveal tips, techniques, products and equipment they use to maintain their voice, create characters and continue to stay at the top of their craft. There's always time for a little BUZZ! 


Autographed Pictures Save Animals 

As an animal lover and advocate, Stacey is passionate about seeing   the end to animal homelessness and cruelty in her lifetime. Stacey encourages and hopes that people will choose to only adopt and rescue their furry family members and do their part to give them forever homes. Stacey donates the proceeds from her autographed pictures, available on the CHARITY page to many different animal charities who are doing amazing work to save animals around the world.

Rosebud and Lily

In May 2005, Stacey's beloved cat, Mommy, passed away in her arms at almost twenty years of age. Saddened by her loss, Stacey knew that the right time would come to rescue another beautiful animal.  Four months later, Stacey's family found a tiny kitten, on a farm in upstate New York.  She was barely two weeks old, all alone and weighing less than one pound.  Instantly they knew she needed to meet Stacey! It was love at first sight and after weeks of bottle-feeding and constant love and attention, Rosebud grew and grew and purr-ed and played. 


Now that Rosebud was strong and healthy living in North Carolina, Stacey knew she had to rescue a companion for her.  So, one fateful day she happened to walk by a Petsmart when the Humane Society was there.  Stacey saw a twelve week-old kitten, who she named Lily, and knew she would be coming home with her that day. Lily had been abused and almost died from a respiratory infection but thanks to a devoted Humane Society volunteer, she fully recovered and was ready to be adopted. Lily loves to cuddle, play with Rosebud and anything that moves and have her silky, long hair brushed. 

These two loving, loyal, gorgeous Hollywood felines enjoy meowing and purring when Stacey is recording voice overs in her Home Studio and love helping her learn lines for auditions and jobs by laying on the script pages.  They're such a big help!

Family Game Night Gets A New Girl

After a lengthy audition process, Stacey prevailed to become the new In-Show Announcer for Season 3 of Family Game Night airing on The Hub. She joined Host Todd Newton, the 2012 Daytime Emmy Winner for Outstanding Game Show Host, for an entirely new show format. The two-time Parent’s Choice Award winning family game show premiered on Sunday, September 23, 2012 to favorable reviews. Family Game Night is all about families being together, having fun and winning awesome prizes and cash. 

The entire 15-episode season was shot on a sound stage in just six days with a few hours of copy revisions in a recording studio afterwards. The previous Announcer for the show was Burton Richardson of The Arsenio Hall Show and Family Feud. Stacey was asked if she was intimidated to try and fill such experienced shoes. She said, “I have great respect for Mr. Richardson and his experienced shoes. I have my own size 5 shoes and they fit me perfectly.”

Stacey had the extra bonus of being the studio audience warm up artist for all fifteen tapings, now that was some serious fun, people! Having never done this before, Stacey called upon her experience as a versatile live host, dancer, teacher and finely tuned improv and people skills to make sure everyone had a great time. Judging by the people’s reactions and line for autographs afterwards, it is safe to say the crowd was onboard with all of her antics. Just give Stacey a microphone and a challenge and she will deliver in a big way! 

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Jun 20, 2016

With smiling Irish eyes and a rich, warm voice to match, Richard Rieman (Ree’man) is an Audible Approved Audiobook narrator*, audiobook producer, professionally trained Voice Actor, and author of “The Author’s Guide to AudioBook Creation.”

*Audible Approved producers are the best audiobook producers in the business. Most have narrated and/or produced 25 audiobooks that are available on and have a verifiable record of achievement in the audiobook industry. These producers are identifiable on the ACX website by a special icon in their narrator profiles.

Richard trained with Emmy-Award winning Voice Actor and VO Coach Melissa Leebaert,  Award-winning Audiobook Narrator Sean Pratt, and took classes and workshops with David Goldberg at Edge Studio and Bill DeWees, one of the most respected VO Coaches.

Richard is a four-time winner of Edge Studio’s National Script Recording Contests.

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Jun 6, 2016

Gary made his acting debut in the musical Godspell as a student.  Since then he has pursued acting both on the ameteur and professional circuits.  Most notably was his role as Tom Collins in Bare Cheek's production of RENT.  

Gary worked in Niigata, Japan for 5 years, during which time he took part in the Charity Musical.  

Over the course of these 5 years he was an actor, director and audio producer.  

It was during this time he discovered his interest in Audiobooks and Voice Over.  

Gary has lived in and traveled all over Japan, has lived in Texas, worked in Memphis, and has been all over Europe.  

He can perform in a General British, General American and Irish accent to a native level and can speak Japanese fluently.  

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May 23, 2016

Bennett's career began in 1974 when she was recorded as the voice of First National Bank of Atlanta's "Tillie the All-Time Teller."[4] She has recorded messages for the public address system in all Delta Air Lines terminals worldwide, as well as voicing e-learning software and GPS navigation software,[5] and telephone systems.[6] Bennett's voice has also been used in numerous local and national television advertisements for Ford, Coca-Cola, Fisher-Price, McDonald's, The Home Depot, Goodyear, VISA, Macy's, Hot Pockets, Club Med, and Cartoon Network, among others.

In June 2005, the software company ScanSoft was looking for someone to be the voice for a database project involving speech construction. ScanSoft inquired with GM Voices and selected Bennett, who happened to be present when the scheduled voice-over artist was absent.[7] She worked in a home recording booth for the entire month of July 2005, more than four hours each day, reading phrases and sentences. The recordings were then concatenated into the various words, sentences, and paragraphs used in the Siri voice.[6] Bennett only became aware she was the voice of Siri when a friend contacted her through email in October 2011.

Despite Apple not having acknowledged or confirmed its use of Bennett, audio-forensics experts hired by CNN expressed 100 percent certainty that Bennett is the voice of Siri.[6]

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May 9, 2016

From Fisher Price toy tape players and micro-cassette recorders in his early years to the latest technology, Christian Rosselli has been speaking and recording his entire life. A theatrically-trained college grad, he initially set his sights on New York City to pursue a career in casting for Film, TV and theater…not acting. A variety of entertainment industry jobs eventually led to his joining the voice over profession. And not just because people told him he had a ‘Great Voice.’

Christian is one of the most sought after male voiceover talents in the greater New York area and the country. His work is versatile and unique, encompassing a wide variety of projects and abilities. His gifted ear, passion for the creative process and skilled craftsmanship enable solid collaboration, bringing each message to a vivid and memorable life.

His credits include work with such companies as AT&T, Buffalo Wild Wings, Geico, Lord And Taylor, M&T Bank, Purina, Spotify, USA Today, Reebok, United Healthcare, Boeing and more!

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Apr 25, 2016

Though I love to travel, there’s no place like my home in Missouri. I was born and raised just north of Kansas City, and being a Midwest girl, I believe in hard work and authenticity. I’ve always been fascinated with people and I’m the kind of person who strikes up a friendly conversation with the cashier at the grocery store, or the guy standing next to me in a long line.

When I got to college and discovered that you can actually get a degree in communicating effectively with other human beings (who knew?), I couldn’t get signed up fast enough! Heading into my senior year, I had the crazy idea of becoming a TV advertising executive, so I landed an internship at a nearby cable station. One day, a producer asked me to read the script for a commercial and I suddenly discovered my passion for voice over! That was 10 years ago, and now here I am, recording in my home studio or with real people in their Kansas City area studios. When I’m not behind a microphone, I still hone my skills regularly by reading to my four young children or watching HGTV with my husband; when you’re in voiceover, the commercials become a lot more interesting! I love meeting new people through social media, so feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

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Apr 11, 2016

Prior to co-founding ACM, Phil has been at the vanguard for the voice-over industry as both a talent manager and agent at International Creative Management. At ICM, he helmed one of the largest voice over departments in the country offering complete services in commercials, promos, trailers, narrations, animation and celebrity endorsements. Most recently, Phil founded Flatirons Creative Management; a specialized voice-over management firm emphasizing innovation, personal attention and collaborative relationships between voice clients and industry creatives. As a talent agent, Phil began his career at Don Buchwald Associates before founding the renowned on-air promotions department at Schiffman, Eckman, Morrison & Marx (SEM&M). He has BFA from Colorado and an MFA from Columbia University.

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Mar 28, 2016

Ever since his first play at thirteen (his mother still has the bellhop costume), Jeffrey Kafer has been an avid performer on the stage and in voice-overs. He has narrated over one hundred books spanning all genres and won the 2008 Voicey Award for Best New Voice. He currently lives in Los Angeles with his family.

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Mar 14, 2016

Kiff VandenHeuvel is originally from Grand Rapids, MI and is an alumni of The Second City comedy theatre.  He has performed in many film and TV in projects ranging from NETFLIX’s RICHIE RICH (where he was a series regular), NBC’s PARKS AND RECREATION, TNT’s THE LAST SHIP, and David Spade’s prank show FAMELESS for Tru-tv, HBO’s BEHIND THE CANDELABRA, last years Indie hit NIGHTCRAWLER,  DANNY COLLINS (w/ Al Pacino) and the upcoming blockbuster BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE.

Kiff is an accomplished improviser and sketch comedy director, and he teaches voiceover, improv and directing at Second City Hollywood. Kiff has appeared in hundreds of TV and radio commercials and is well known in the video game community as the voice of Zachary Hale Comstock in BIOSHOCK:INFINITE and the voice of Walter in THE WALKING DEAD video game series.  One of his unique skills is as a voice-matcher and impressionist. Kiff has appeared in several major motion pictures performing the voices of actors as varied as Vince Vaughn, Sylvester Stallone and Channing Tatum.  Kiff lives in LA with his wife and daughter.

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Feb 29, 2016

Pam Tierney is an accomplished Chicago based actor who hails from Indiana by way of Marquette University in Wisconsin. Extensive training from several studios such as Act One, The Acting Studio and The Green Room as well as completion of the Second City Conservatory brings a thorough knowledge of styles and skills transferable to commercials, film, television and voiceover. An established voiceover with a personal studio, this busy actor can handle a wide variety of characters and situations with ease.

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Feb 15, 2016

I’ve always been an actor, just ask my parents. Since the time I could walk and talk, I’ve been getting up in front of people and performing; a song, a play, a story, you name it. It just seemed to come naturally to me and I truly enjoyed entertaining people. It was not until I started acting in high school that I realized I had found my calling. For better or worse, a professional actor was what I was meant to be. Accordingly, I went off to college to study the craft of acting and the workings of the theatre.

Attending the College of Santa Fe in New Mexico was one of the most influential events in my growth as an artist.The training I received there was excellent and the demands placed on me truly tested my commitment to being an actor. So, upon graduation, I thought I was ready to tackle the enormous job of starting my career. I could not have been more wrong. Though the classes I had taken taught me how to act, move, breathe, sing and dance, and have a working knowledge of the theatre and its history, they failed to teach me something crucial. I knew how to act, but I did not know how to make a living in the business of acting. Agents, pictures and résumés, getting auditions, the job opportunities outside of theatre, film and television, and dealing with the unions were only a few of the things I didn’t know about. On top of that, add the strain of paying the bills, having a relationship with someone, and dealing with the constant rejection of not landing the part. No one told me about or prepared me for how to deal with them.

When I began to realize just how ill prepared I was at coping with all the complexities of managing my career, I was filled with frustration and anger. I also realized that I had two choices; either throw in the towel or begin the difficult task of learning how to get my career started. I chose the latter because what else could I do, I am an actor! I became a student all over again; talking to others in the profession, learning from experience, reading books on the business and finding healthy ways to deal with the strain of balancing the needs of work and life. I’ve been through a lot and have made many mistakes along the way, but the journey has been worth it. I have become what I wanted to be — a working, professional actor.

Being an actor is a very tough profession! There is no security, no sure thing, and no one else to help you. It is the smart, gifted, and determined actor, who knows how best to focus their energies and use their talents, that stands the best chance of succeeding. They know that it all begins and ends within them. They have learned how to be seen and heard above the din of thousands of other actors out there. Simply put, they have learned how to “BANG THEIR OWN DRUM!”

Sean was born and raised in Oklahoma and comes from a long line of storytellers and general mischief makers. He lives in Maryland with his wife, the actress Shannon Parks, and their two wonderful children.

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Feb 1, 2016

I provide a friendly, trustworthy, or wry voice to any male voice over project, but I can also give you a serious, informative take on the copy. I definitely fill the niche of the 'iPod Generation' voice.

Other than my normal voice, I provide a vast array of character voices, and have trained heavily in accents and dialects.

I'm a big fan of collaboration, and will take any direction you give me. My ego comes last.

Voice Genders and "Ages" I Can Perform

• Teenage Boy
• Young Adult Male
• Middle Age Male
• Senior Male

Language(s) of Which I Am a Native Speaker:

• English - USA and Canada

I Offer my Services for these Recording Purposes

• Commercials
• Promos
• IVR, voicemail, phone systems, and on-hold messages
• Training, business presentations, sales, and web sites
• Audiobooks
• Videogames
• Documentaries
• TV shows and movies
• Movie and game trailers
• Podcasts
• Adult content
• Songs
• Others (on-camera, infomercials, live announcers, spokespersons)

Jobs I Am Willing to Take (Union-wise)


• Jobs for SAG-AFTRA (US) signatories


My Union Affiliations and Memberships




My Recording and Delivery Capabilities

• I will go to any designated studio in my area
• I have ISDN in my studio
• I have Phone Patch in my studio
• I have Source Connect in my studio
• I can record and then deliver the audio files via Email
• I can record and then upload the audio files via FTP

Pre-, Post- and Production Services I Offer

• I offer copywriting services
• I offer translation services
• I can deliver edited and finished voice tracks
• I offer voice direction services
• I have a music library and can add music to any project
• I can add special effects to any project

My Home Base

, California, United States

Accents, Impersonations, Characters and Dialects

English, British:
Standard, RP
Highlands Scottish, Northern and Southern Irish

Southern (Tennessee, Texas, South Carolina, Mississippi),
New York, Minnesota, Chicago, General

Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Japanese, Australian, South African, French, German (Northern and Southern), Italian, Russian, Hungarian, Serbo-Croatian, Swedish, Dutch, Carribean (Bahamas and Jamaica), Canada

In addition to these, I can do innumerable character voices (from robots to detectives to giants) and can combine them with these accents for intersting twists (a Jamaican robot, for instance).

My Voice Experience

I'm currently 'the voice' of Coke Zero -- I do all their radio campaigns as they need them.

I also do a lot of video games with clients such as Remedy, Thunder Game Works, Crescent Moon Games, Awem Studios, Big Fish Games, Ben Olding Games, FlightSimVoices, and others. Three games in which I was featured have spent numerous weeks in the Top 25 Apps in the iTunes Store, and a few are all-time classics: Death Rally, Kick the Buddy, and Trenches II.

I also do PSAs for Great Schools. I also have experience in commercials, podcasts, dubbing, audiobooks, and films.

This is my passion.

Jan 18, 2016

Heather’s voice has a wide range, and can become just the sound you’re looking for!

She’s your quintessential hipster mom – sweet & spicy like a chai latte, with all the boldness of a French Roast. From skinny jeans and sippy cups to top quality recordings, this classically-trained opera singer turned professional voice-over artist is equal parts actor and entrepreneur.


Most days, Heather can be found lending her versatile sound to clients around the globe, operating from her broadcast-quality, professional recording studio. With the convenience of a professional recording studio on-site, Heather can send voice-over work within 24 hours to clients anywhere!


Heather specializes in Commercials, Explainer Videos, e-Learning, Narration, Radio Imaging, Network Promos, Animation, Documentaries, IVR and more…

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